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Small Pu Er Jasmine Greentea Cake


综合了云南 元江茉莉花 和普洱茶之 精华,既保 留着云南乔 木型大叶种 普洱茶独特 茶味之外, 而且还具有 香飘四溢幽 雅的茉莉花 的清香,它 会使您品到 之后感到非 常轻松自在 就像回到了 四花遍野的 大自然当中 ,淡雅清爽 ,心旷神怡 。舒心去烦 躁,除了具 备普洱茶功 效以外还对 痢疾、腹痛 、结膜炎具 有很好的消 炎解毒的作 用。 Efficacy: Combines the essence of Yuanjiang of jasmine and tea, both retained outside Yunnan large-leafed tea tree type unique flavor, but also has Xiangpiao elegant jasmine fragrance overflowing, it will make you feel very relaxed after the goods to comfortable like back four flowers everywhere among nature, elegant and comfortable, relaxed and happy. Pleasant to irritability, in addition to the effect of outside also have tea dysentery, abdominal pain, conjunctivitis have good anti-inflammatory effect of detoxification.

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